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NOTE: All Required Questions (Marked with a red Asterisk *) need to be answered so your order may be added to the cartEach Custom-Tailored Load Bearing Vest is made to fit your body armor panels and inner carrier. Once completed, your body armor will remain inside of your current inner carrier, and will be placed inside of the BlueStone Safety custom external carrier that is made for you.To See More Colors and Styles of Our Load Bearing Vest Carriers,Please Click the Red Arrow to the Right of the Main Image

To order a custom fit load bearing vest, please fill in the measurements below using our Mobile-Friendly interface. With just a few simple pictures and measurements, we'll create the custom load bearing vest you've always wanted.
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* Waist Size (in inches):

Please measure around your waist, just above your duty belt. Please give us this measurement in inches. 

* What Color Side Straps Would You Like?:
* Please Select the Type of Side Straps You'd Like:
Enter the Height of your Side Straps:
Enter the Total Length of your Side straps (Complete length from one end to another):

Price: $27.95

Our Elastic Side straps are heavy duty and built to last, keeping your load bearing vest held comfortably and securely in place. Expertly stitched and Made in the USA side straps is one thing that sets us apart from the competition, and now you can easily purchase an extra set of side straps for your load bearing vest carrier.  All we need is your waist measurement in inches (please measure around your stomach, just above where your duty belt would sit).  This measurement helps us get you the correct sized side strap for your vest.

The Velcro on our straps is made with the highest quality materials will hold up even over years of use.  Our side straps are superior with a reinforced material on the front of the straps that is very durable. . You also have the option to add one column of Molle webbing onto your side strap, giving you even more space to mount your molle gear.


Available in Forest Green, LAPD Blue, Black, Brown, Tan, Olive Green, Sky Blue, and Grey


Made in the USA and built to last. 

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