The Chief Custom-Tailored Load Bearing Vest Carriers

Now available in spruce green!
If you can dream it, we can make it! We'll design the custom load bearing vest you've always wanted.

The Guardsman Half Molle Custom Load Bearing Vest / External Vest Carrier

Now available in spruce green!
The Most Customizable Load Bearing Vest Available On the Market!
Each Vest is Made Using Durable 600 Denier Cordura, Making this the Best Load Bearing Vest in the Industry!

The Defender Custom load bearing vest / External Vest Carrier with Rifle Plate Pockets

Custom pockets are sewn directly onto your uniform vest carrier- exactly where you want them!
The Commander

The Commander Full Molle Custom-Tailored load bearing vest / External Vest Carrier

The Chief

The Chief Custom-Tailored Load Bearing Vest / External Vest Carrier

Custom Pockets are Sewn directly onto your uniform vest carrier - exactly where you want them!
Defense Forces

Body armor Vest accessories, Helmets available for The ISRAEL Defense forces

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What Sets Our Custom Vest Carriers Apart From The Competition?

1. Our Vest Carriers are custom made from start to finish. We make each of our vest carriers from scratch, using each officer's individual measurements and their body armor measurements to perfectly construct their custom vest. We also create custom holsters / pockets that exactly fit your items like: handcuffs, magazines, radios, OC, Tasers, tourniquets, flashlights, batons, etc . These pouches / holsters can be positioned and sewn anywhere on the vest you'd like, or created as Molle pouches / Molle holsters. Our open top kydex magazine pouch / holster is extremely popular and second to none in the industry.

2. Each vest is made to your department's exact specifications. Does your department need a velcro patch sewn onto your vest for your name tag? No problem. Need a second mic tab sewn onto the vest? Consider it done. If you have a request please ask us and we will find a solution for you.

3. Our Custom Load Bearing Vests blend in with the Officer's uniform shirt, which keeps a clean and uniform look. This design keeps from looking tactical and instead closely matches the load bearing vest to the officer's uniform. Also, our custom load bearing vest carriers are made out of heavy duty denier cordura, which stands up to everyday use exceptionally well.

4. We warranty the stitching and craftsmanship of our custom load bearing vests - the longest warranty in the business! We understand that some damage may happen to your load bearing vest while on duty; if this happens, we are capable of repairing your vest. Please note: fading and normal wear and tear from everyday use or your duty belt rubbing against your load bearing vest is not part of the warranty. This is considered normal wear and tear.

5. Ordering one of our Custom Vest Carriers is Easy! You can either follow our simple online ordering process or request a measurement kit be sent to your department free of charge.

6. Customer Service is extremely important at BlueStone Safety, and we will work with you to ensure that your custom load bearing vest is made exactly how you'd like. If you need any assistance please email us at info@bluestonesafety.com

7. Our Custom Load Bearing Vests are made to accommodate any brand of body armor. While we do offer high quality NIJ 0101.06 Level 2 and 3A ballistic panels, we will create our custom load bearing vests to fit any brand of body armor that your department has.

Custom Fit Load Bearing Vest Product Gallery - Each Vest Made To The Officer's Exact Specifications

Bluestone Safety Products

We create only the highest quality life-saving products for Law Enforcement, and always take the officer into consideration along with the department and Chief's wants and needs.



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