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The Dangers of a Fully-Loaded Duty Belt and Not Wearing a Custom Load Bearing Vest - Highway Patrol Officer's Surgery after Duty Belt Injury


Check out the video of the Officer's Surgery Here:


This video was filmed by an officer during their own surgery to remove a mass of traumatized tissue that was growing as a result of continued soft tissue damage from wearing their duty belt. The scars kept piling up internally until one day they started appearing as a lump. It only took 11 years to cause this much damage, which required a 1.5 hour surgery to remove the traumatized tissue - even after the surgery the officer is still left with a life-changing injury that could have been avoided with a BlueStone custom-tailored load bearing vest.


THIS is why all officers need our custom-tailored, load bearing vests. A fully loaded duty belt or a one-size-fits all, off-the-rack vest will NOT alleviate this health issue, because everyone is different, and our officers need vests that are made specifically to fit them and their body armor panels. Once officers face a duty belt injury, they have surgery or pain killers as their options, while a custom-tailored load bearing vest could have prevented the injury from happening.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these medical injuries, but BlueStone custom LBVs have research proving they work. It's time for a change in the right direction; reach out to your department and request load bearing vests for ALL officers.


Thank you to @Dutybeltinjuries for sharing this video and helping to advocate for the approval of custom-tailored load bearing vests at all departments.


Check out the video of the State Trooper's surgery here:

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